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Empire’s Future Pro Expo – Nail Art Display

pixvid.me At the 2009 Future Professionals Expo in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Empire Beauty School students from across the country got the chance to network with industry professionals, learn from top stylists, and compete with their peers in heated cosmetology-based events. Follow comedian Amy Schumer, from Last Comic Standing, as she takes you behind the scenes of the Nail Art Display. You’ll see some exotic and exciting pieces, as well as high energy from spectators and participants. With skills like these, it’s no wonder Empire Beauty Students regularly secure jobs in top salons after graduating. To learn more about Empire Beauty Schools or the Future Professionals Expo, visit the link above.

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  1. MwvNail July 16, 2009 at 9:28 pm #

    awesome´╗┐ video :)

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