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Hair Salon | Comedy | Episode 2 | (Un)Reality Show

Imagination to screen: Week 3, Episode 2 – The Hair Salon: ‘Dominic talks about how to be a successful hairdresser’. The story development continues and the inter-personal relationships at the Hair Salon are deepening. “Mercedes” is now Spanish, “Lolita” has become “Anais Anais”, and we are brain-storming names for the Hair Salon… any suggestions? We like “Nouveau Mane” or “A Salon called Dominic” or “Hair Salon”… WORKSHOPS FOR ACTORS: www.workingthescene.com.au Check out the rest of the episodes of the ‘Hair Salon’.

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One Response to Hair Salon | Comedy | Episode 2 | (Un)Reality Show

  1. Teddy Graciano November 13, 2012 at 9:58 am #

    Hey Magenta you can feel my aura of peace…hehehe. This is funny shit, I wish my hairdresser was as´╗┐ ‘up his own ass’ like Dominic. Hang on I think he is….

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