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Short Pixie Haircut by Paul Davey @DaveyDavey Hair salon

The Cut: We took influence from Shannon Sassmon. Clients think there isn’t many things you can do with short hair, however their is loads of interesting shapes. By taking 2 diagonal back sections from the recessional area, through into a triangle below the ocipital bone. Starting with horizontal section along the recessional line, elevation 90 degress, and then over direct, and continue through to the nape. Elevate horizonal section below your profile and over direct up, continue this through to the perimeter. We are offering Professional Hairdressing Services. We will bring our experience to the fore in consulting and advising our clients to deliver the look they want to achieve and exceed their expectations. The “DaveyDavey” philosophy is to create commercial but creative looks, suitability is the key to our succesfull hairdressing. We will work with our clients to deliver the result they want to achieve. The shape of an individual’s face, their hair type, the lifestyle they lead and their occupation all play a role in defining a unique style for a client.

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2 Responses to Short Pixie Haircut by Paul Davey @DaveyDavey Hair salon

  1. ynstmmj December 19, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    can you do an emma watson pixie cut?

  2. hostclubstudent98 December 26, 2012 at 3:17 am #

    what do you have to do to style it after you wash it or will not go back that stye easily? anyone answer please. DO you davey davey TV have a picture of this hair cut done so I could possible show my hairdressoror know a place where i can get a similar pic. Please respond if possible asap thnx and great vid :)

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